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Jon Stewart's New Business Idea Is a Combo Pasta-Coffee Chain Called OliveBucks

Watch the Daily Show tackle Big Food.

Last night on the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart tackled the American "death menu of artificial chemicals, antibiotics, and Cool Ranch carcinogens." The government recently announced new dietary recommendations, but America's fast food companies apparently have no plans to offer dishes that abide by these directives. Stewart airs recent commercials from Olive Garden, Little Caesar's, Golden Corral, and TGI Fridays that show how Big Food operates in direct opposition to basic human nutritional needs.

Later, Stewart comes up with a business idea: "Combo pasta and coffee chain restaurant, 'OliveBucks' — featured menu item, the Venti Rosemary Mocha Al Fredo: 3,000 calories of 'oh my god.'" Watch on to see how Stewart makes fun of that McDonald's commercial that trolled foodies. And, is the "making food slightly less bad for you" craze spreading? Perhaps, but if McDonald's eliminates antibiotics from its chicken, how are we to "treat that ear infection"?