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Watch Alton Brown Show Off His Awesome Tour Bus

It's cramped but comfy.

Food Network star and nerdy kitchen genius Alton Brown is still on his Edible Inevitable Tour, a cross-country trip that involves meeting fans and a rigorous schedule of live shows. He's currently in California, but took some time out of his schedule to give fans a tour of his pop-out camper. The tour bus is far from "rock and roll" but is outfitted with a basic kitchenette, sofa, bathroom, shower, and bunks for the crew. There's a "Captain Kirk chair... [and] all the doors are Star Trek doors."

In the back, there's a private bedroom for Alton. He shrugs and explains, "You know... I'm the star of the show, so I get a big bed." Watch the clip to meet Brown's secret friend, Pandy.

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