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Exclusive: Watch Michael Voltaggio Cook a Meal in a Prison in Northern Ireland

Breaking Borders airs on Travel Channel on Sundays.

The Troubles, a conflict in Northern Ireland with ethnic and nationalist origins, lingers to this day. On the next episode of the Travel Channel's Breaking Borders, chef Michael Voltaggio and co-host Mariana van Zeller venture into one of the prisons that kept people in solitary confinement for years. A former prisoner and guard give the hosts a tour of the stalls they once occupied. Later, Voltaggio cooks a meal inspired by Irish cuisine and the bread and water prisoners were fed. The menu — admittedly more luxurious than prison food — includes salt dry-aged rib-eyes, local monk fish with capers, hazelnuts, and dill; champ and fish fingers; and freshly shucked oysters. Watch the clip for a glimpse at modern Irish cuisine, and a peaceful meal in a place that was once a place of conflict.