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Eater Today: Five Guys' Secret Menu; Loco'l's Crowdfunding Campaign Update; More

Plus, Burger King names a chicken Gloria.

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Crowdfunding Countdown: In early January, chefs and business partners Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson put their fast food concept Loco'l on Indiegogo in the hopes of raising funds to get the project off the ground. The campaign comes to an end this week, which means the team has three days to raise an additional $11,000. Choi and Patterson first announced their health- and vegetable-focused concept at MAD4 last August. Since then, Loco'l has generated a lot of press and some celebrity interest. With hours left in the campaign, Choi is pushing ahead, having already secured at least two locations: one in San Francisco and the other in Los Angeles.

Secret menus: You can order a burger any way you want it at East Coast-based burger chain Five Guys, which means you can rip-off In-N-Out's Animal-Style Double Double. Here's how.

Service watch: According to an annual ranking of 10,000 U.S. consumers — known as the Tempkin Experience Ratings — Chick-fil-A and Papa John's delivered the best customer service over the past year. Dairy Queen, Panera Bread, Subway, and Sonic Drive-In all earned excellent ratings. Jack in the Box ranked last among fast food chains for quality of service.

Let's Play Chicken: Burger King has named a chicken Gloria. Ms. Gloria the hen will arbitrarily determine which BK locations will sell chicken fries, an item it recently reintroduced. "Chicken fries have like a passionate, obsessive following, and a decision like this was way too much for the BK folks to handle... who better than a chicken to decide whether or not chicken fries come back to the Burger King menu or not?"

So, chickens run a burger restaurant now.

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