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McDonald's Customer Chokes Cashier Over Order Mix-Up

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He punched the cashier too.


One McDonald's customer in Georgia was definitely not lovin' it when he was overcharged for his meal last week. According to WALB, Willis Mann "lost his cool" after his order was accidentally rung up incorrectly. Instead of pointing out the error, Mann leapt behind the counter "choked the cashier, and punched him once with a closed fist."

What is this world coming to?

Police officer Herman Lamar tells the news station, "It's crazy. I don't know what this world is coming to. I really don't." Other witnesses agreed, noting that wrong fast food orders "happen a lot" and that the mistake is easy to fix. Luckily, the clerk only suffered minor injuries and Mann was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault.

Lately, people have been getting irrationally angry over mixed-up orders. Over the weekend in New Orleans, a man shot his friend because he brought him the wrong brand of beer. And, in December, an angry customer pulled a gun on a McDonald's employee when he forgot to include a burger in the order.

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