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Bacon and eggs.
Bacon and eggs.

Much like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs are a time-honored pairing — and one that the protein-pushers at the American Egg Board have finally decided to capitalize on with its new ad campaign.

As Fast Company points out, "... recruiting Kevin Bacon to be a spokesperson for eggs is so perfect, it's almost shocking it's taken this long to happen." In the new spot for the campaign, which the Associated Press says will encompass both print and online ads, the Footloose hunk creepily pops up in a woman's kitchen as she's cooking breakfast. Bacon puns a-plenty ensue, as does some  awkward sexual tension.

It's the first time the marketing board has enlisted the help of a celebrity to sell eggs, and as the AP points out, it's "a slightly edgier approach" than previous marketing efforts have taken (see: the cheesy "Incredible Edible Egg" ads of the 1990's). Bacon certainly isn't the first celebrity to shill for a major food industry: Countless actors and athletes have starred in the famous "Got Milk?" campaigns, and famous faces including James Garner and Cybill Shepherd have appeared in ads for The Beef Council.

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