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An All-Ranch Dressing Restaurant Is Coming to St. Louis

Twisted RAnCh's slogan is: "Always Fresh, Always Delicious, and Always Twisted with Ranch."

The future home of Twisted RAnCh
The future home of Twisted RAnCh
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St. Louis, in the most St. Louis move ever, will soon be home to Twisted RAnCh, an all-ranch dressing restaurant. According to the restaurant's website, every item on the menu will include the "fastest growing condiment and best selling salad dressing." The restaurant is making their own ranch dressing, sorry Hidden Valley Ranch fans. Everything from flatbread to macaroni and cheese to steak sandwiches to lasagna is served or made with the tangy, herb-speckled dip. The restaurant's slogan is: "Always Fresh, Always Delicious, and Always Twisted with Ranch."

There are 18 different kinds of ranch dressing on the menu.

St. Louis magazine did the math on the menu and noted that all 11 appetizers, 13 sandwiches, five entrees, and seven side dishes are either tossed in ranch, spread with ranch, or served with a side of ranch. Additionally, Twisted RAnCh will offer 18 homemade ranch-style dressing variations: Horseradish, southwest, garlic, buttermilk basil, buffalo, durkee, tzitzki, creole, thai, fajita, smoked parika, teriyaki, spicy mustard, cheesy bacon, guacamole, cajun, dill, and chipotle.

Co-owners Jim Hayden and Chad Allen decided upon the concept after "tinkering with the versatility of the universally-appealing dressing," reports St. Louis magazine. The concept has been a year-and-a-half in development. Twisted RAnCh opens this June.

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