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Mother Forgets Infant in the Midst of Doughnut Crawl

She accidentally left her baby at the first doughnut shop.


When embarking on a quest, one must often make sacrifices. For one San Diego woman, that quest was for a perfect doughnut, and the sacrifice was a baby. According to NBC 7 San Diego, a mother went with her cousin and 5-month-old baby to Golden Donut in San Diego Wednesday morning. When she learned the shop did not have the doughnut she was on the hunt for — hopefully it was not of the deep-fried spam variety— she headed to another doughnut store with her cousin. The woman left empty handed, with no doughnuts and no baby.

The woman accidentally left the child in her carseat on a table when she exited the restaurant. An employee, who called 911, tells the news station: "I thought she took the baby... And then a customer told me, ‘Oh the baby on the table.' And then I look around. She was already gone." The mother realized that she had left her baby at Golden Donuts when she reached the second shop and immediately called to see if her child was okay before rushing back.

She told police that "she and her cousin got confused about who was watching the baby at the first store." Police did not arrest her and there is no word on whether or not she found the doughnut she was so determined to find. Watch the local new story below: