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Family Sues Pancake Restaurant After Allergic Reaction Kills Son

The teen had a severe dairy allergy.

Death by pancakes?
Death by pancakes?

A family in Minnesota is suing a local restaurant for serving their teenage son deadly pancakes. According to WTVR, the Johnson family visited the Minnesota Nice Cafe last June for a weekend breakfast. Scott Johnson — one of four children — suffered from a severe dairy allergy since birth and had to be careful about what he ate.

His mother Cindy Johnson says she asked the server if "the restaurant's gluten-free pancakes were also dairy free." Apparently the server checked with the chef and reported that they were. Cindy then informed the restaurant that they would need to clean the grill before making Scott's pancakes. This is to avoid cross-contamination, which many restaurants are now going to great lengths to do.

However, after Scott ate two pancakes, it became apparent that something was clearly wrong. Unfortunately, Scott forgot to bring his EpiPen and nebulizer to help him fight through an emergency reaction. By the time the Johnsons reached home, nothing was working to alleviate the reaction, so Cindy called 911. Doctors told the family that Scott "had suffered such a severe anaphylactic reaction, his heart had failed" and the teenager died three days later.

The Johnsons aren't the first family to sue a restaurant after the death of loved ones. Last December, the children of an elderly couple filed a lawsuit against a Bob Evans in Virginia for serving their parents a "tainted meal" of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The dinner apparently made the couple so violently ill that it eventually resulted in their deaths. Go, watch the local news story below: