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Paula Deen Launched a Mobile Game Like Kim Kardashian's

It's available on iOS starting today and for Android on March 16.


Disgraced foodperson Paula Deen has taken a chapter out of Kim Kardashian's book, and released an animated mobile phone game. In the press release, Deen boldly proclaims that she is a "gamer at heart," so that's why she wanted to create Paula Deen's Recipe Quest. The free mobile game apparently teaches users "how to make Paula's favorite dishes" with a series of puzzles.

The app takes players through Deen's career trajectory: They start as an "amateur chef in a home kitchen," work their way up to cooking in Paula's restaurant The Lady & Sons, and eventually own their very own "virtual restaurant." However, it doesn't look like the game includes a stop at Deen's fall from grace and firing from Food Network due to her use of racist language.

Points are earned through the collection of sticks of butter, pints of cream, eggs, and sugar cubes. See screenshots from the game below.



Paula Deen's Recipe Quest includes 40 levels of puzzles where "players will mix and match ingredients to Paula's popular Southern dishes and collect downloadable recipe cards" as well as "real prizes" like a discount on a subscription to Deen's digital network. New puzzles will be added to the app each week. Hopefully this means that unlike the Kim Kardashian game, players will not end up forking over plenty of real dollars for in-game extras.

Who knows, maybe Deen will discuss gaming strategies on her new upcoming podcast series. Paula Deen's Recipe Quest is available for iOS beginning today and Android on March 16. Check out the kooky and over-the-top ad for the game below: