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Thief Steals Truck Filled With $85,000 Worth of Pizza Cheese

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Police do not have a suspect yet.

De Agostini/Getty Images

The worst kind of thief is the thief that deprives thousands of people of pizza. According to the Ocala Star Banner, police are on the hunt for a criminal that stole a truck filled with $85,000 worth of shredded mozzarella cheese from a parking lot in Ohio. That's apparently enough cheese to make tens of thousands of pizza pies.

Police note that the cheese-filled truck was destined for a Hungry Howies Pizza distribution center. The truck driver — who was traveling with his girlfriend —decided to leave the hauler in a parking lot Saturday evening to be checked by a mechanic. When his girlfriend drove by on Sunday to check on the trailer, she noticed that it — and all of the cheese — was missing. The driver declined to comment on the situation and there are currently no suspects in what has become the Great Dairy Heist of 2015.

Perhaps the person who stole all the cheese was the same thief who took 37,000 bottles of beer from a Miller High Life truck driver last year. After all, there is little in the world that pairs better than beer and pizza. The beer driver — like the cheese driver — left the truck filled with 44,000 pounds of beer in a parking lot over night and found that it was stolen the next day.

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