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KFC Gets Close-Up in New BBC Documentary 'Billion Dollar Chicken Shop'

The three-part series premieres March 18.

American chicken chain KFC gets the star treatment in a new three-part documentary series on BBC. According to the network's website, the restaurant is one of most "globally recognized" brands but it also has the most "divided public opinion." Over the years, the chain has been attacked by animal activists multiple times. But, KFC also created advertisements beloved by millennials last year.

The series — called The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop — aims to explore what KFC is like behind-the-scenes in the UK. The chain granted the BBC access to its boardroom and kitchens, but it's unclear exactly how transparent the company was with the press. Episodes follow people like a 17-years-old college dropout who just started a job at a KFC in Manchester, England; a manager who throws a theme night at his franchise in attempt to please his bosses; and a couple that are trying to stop a KFC from being built near their house. It even explores the secretive chicken farms that supply the chain with "a whopping 23 million chickens a year." The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop premieres March 18 on the BBC. Check out the trailer for the series below: