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Anthony Bourdain's Racy 'Bone in the Throat' Film Premieres This Weekend

The film is based off of Bourdain's first novel by the same name.

The movie adaptation of writer and Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain's first novel Bone in the Throat premieres at the SXSW festival this weekendAccording to Deadline Hollywood, the "culinary mystery" is dark and dramatic. Bone in the Throat follows an ambitious young chef — played by Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick — who is a "witness to a murder in his own kitchen" by his uncle, who is part of the East End London Mob. Westwick becomes embroiled in his uncle's business while trying to undo his mess and stay out of jail himself, all while cooking up some seriously stellar looking dishes. The film — which has been many years in the making — also stars Selma's Tom Wilkinson and Kick-Ass 2's Andy Nyman and Bourdain serves as an executive producer. Check out the suspenseful trailer below: