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Yelp Hosts Pignic Cafe Pop-Up in London



Forget cat cafes: Piglet cafes are the new hot thing in London. Metro UK reports that review site Yelp is hosting the London Pignic this May in partnership with Pet Piggies, a micro-pig breeding organization. All of the pigs will be miniature, tea cup-sized piglets available for adoption.

A Yelp spokesperson explained: "This will not just be a sit-down experience but a multi-room, piggy educational evening. Yelp will be working with both animal charities and animal welfare groups to educate about micro pigs and micro pig ownership." Already over 30 people have RSVP'd to the event. In addition to adoptable piglets, food and drink will be on offer. Apparently BLTs are not on the menu.

London has a history of hosting unusual pop-up cafes. The city has been home to everything from a cuddle cafe (where customers pay with hugs) to a Game of Thrones-themed pop-up. London also has plenty of permanent cafes with offbeat themes, including a cereal cafe called Cereal Killer Cafe.

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