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Are Animal Activists Behind the Firebombing of a KFC?

The FBI is investigating.


Someone tried to fry a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Reno, Nevada: According to KOLO TV, the restaurant was firebombed yesterday morning. When employees arrived at the restaurant, they found that a window had been shattered and that a "Molotov cocktail had been thrown inside." Authorities tell the news station that "a large rock was tossed through the drive-thru window," and that the Molotov cocktail only damaged a few cardboard boxes and left a "smoldering mess."

The letters ALF were written across the drive-thru menu, which authorities believe are linked to an "extremist animal rights group" called the Animal Liberation Front. The group has been critical of the chicken chain for years. ALF's website accuses KFC of animal cruelty, and in the past, "members have taken credit for burning [KFC] locations down." The FBI is investigating the matter and the restaurant is currently closed.

Criminals appear to love hitting restaurants with Molotov cocktails. In 2012, three Montreal-area bars and restaurants were targeted. Arsonists threw Molotov cocktails at all three of the restaurants within a 24-hour period. Then, in 2013, yet another Montreal restaurant was firebombed by arsonists. Watch the local news story below: