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Yeah Tiger, we'd be sad too.
Yeah Tiger, we'd be sad too.
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Professional golfer/multi-millionaire/serial adulterer Tiger Woods will open his first restaurant in Florida later this spring. News about The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club — to be located at the Harbourside Place development in Jupiter, Florida — first broke last year. Golf magazine spills more details in its latest issue:The name — while clunky — was chosen for a very specific reason. Developer Nicholas Mastroianni II claims that Woods was not allowed to use his first name with his last name in the restaurant name because Nike "has the rights to the name Tiger Woods." Apparently anytime Mastroianni wants to use Woods' name in a press release or marketing material, "he needs permission from Woods' business people."

Nike owns "the rights to the name Tiger Woods."

The profile revealed even more shocking information: Woods is apparently "spending $1,000 per square foot in the construction of the restaurant, about 30 percent more than most upscale restaurant owners spend." This means that Woods will fork over nearly $8 million on the buildout. As for the decor, the restaurant will feature marble and granite from international locales. There will also be golf quotes on the outside doors and a private elevator for Woods to enter the restaurant, even though he wants to be able to "use the front door."

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Aside from $15 dollar cocktails, there are very few details regarding what the restaurant will serve. Perhaps Woods will follow in the foot steps of fellow professional athlete-turned-restaurateur Kevin Durant and serve a high-end "Baller's Menu" consisting of $52 New York strip and an "ice seafood collection."

UPDATE 3/11/15: Tiger Woods' manager and Nike both released statements saying that Nike does not own the right to Woods' name.

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