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Man Kicked Out of Restaurant for Having Facial Tattoos

Angry people flooded the restaurant's Yelp page with negative reviews.

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A restaurant in Houston is feeling the wrath of the internet after it kicked a diner out on Saturday night because of his facial tattoos. According to the Houston Chronicle, breastaurant Bombshells shut down its Facebook page after receiving hundreds of negative comments about management's decision to remove 27-year-old Erik Leighton based on his appearance.

Leighton told USA Today that a police officer escorted him and his friend out of the restaurant and told them that "individuals with facials tattoos weren't allowed inside." Leighton noted that at first he thought the officer was joking but then realized he was serious: "It makes you feel like less of a person when you're escorted out for no reason." He posted his experience on social media which spurred many to flood the restaurant's Yelp and Facebook pages with negative reviews.

After the backlash, Bombshells messaged Leighton and apologized. The restaurant attempted to justify its actions by claiming that they did it as a precautionary measure: "Fuqua has the largest gang concentration in Houston. One common factor with gangs are face and neck tattoos. We can't allow gangs to overtake our establishment." This upset Leighton who says he is a the "furthest thing from a gang member."

While Bombshells kicked out a customer for having a tattoo, other restaurants have rewarded customers for getting ink. Last November, a 30-year-old woman had the logo of a local curry house in Scotland tattooed on her thigh after the restaurant promised her free curries for a year. In 2013, 25 people willingly got a banded pizza tattoo in exchange for free pizza for life from the Pi Pizza Truck in Houston. Check out the local news story above