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Even Restaurant Chains Are Obsessed With Netflix's 'House of Cards'

#Brands are taking to Twitter in an attempt to market to the show's fanbase.

Netflix debuted the third season of its fiendishly adored series House of Cards on Friday, and it seems like the majority of America is camped out in front of their TVs this weekend binge-watching and furiously tweeting about Frank Underwood's latest power plays. (The Verge even live-blogged the entire season.) Naturally, restaurant brands are attempting to capitalize on the show's popularity as part of the ongoing quest to remain relevant and cater to those damn millennials:

For those not into chains, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson even has some recipe suggestions:

Realistically, though, true House of Cards obsessives probably won't be doing any actual cooking (or bathing, for that matter) until they've made it through all 13 episodes.

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