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The Geniuses at IHOP Are Now 'Waffulizing' Croissants

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They sound wiggida wiggida wiggida wack.

Courtesy of IHOP

What happens when you fuse a waffle iron, a croissant, and '90s one-hit wonders Kris Kross? The apocalypse. Also: IHOP's latest monstrosity, the puntastic Criss-Croissants, a name that the breakfast chain has trademarked. But there's no promise this breakfast mash-up will make you want to "jump jump."

According to a press release, the "creative culinary experts" over at the pancake chain — seemingly inspired by Pinterest — decided to bake croissants in a waffle iron. The "waffulized" croissants are then folded over and topped with either a "refreshing" lemonade cream and blackberries, or sweetened cream cheese and a strawberry rhubarb topping. So really, they are waffled-croissants that look like an omelet, or a crowafflet? (Not trademarked yet, someone get on it.) The release notes that Marie Grim, the vice president of menu development and innovation, is sure that the Criss-Croissants will have IHOP guests saying "Vive le Criss-Croissant!" More likely it will them yelling about how it's now impossible to get "Jump" out of their heads.

The Criss-Croissants aren't the first mutant food IHOP has dreamed up. In September the chain gave the world a breakfast option that was half waffle, half cheesecake, and 100 percent weird. The Criss-Croissants are available through April 5.