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Bratty Teen's Tweet Gets Her Fired from Pizza Place Before Her First Day

Her future boss fired her via Twitter.

Jet's Pizza/Facebook

One brave (stupid) teen made the smart (idiotic) life decision to tweet out her unhappiness of having to start a job at a Jet's Pizza this weekend. Because, ew, jobs are like, gross. According to Gawker, the Texas-based teenager who goes by Cella on Twitter, boldly proclaimed, "Ew I start this fuck ass job tomorrow" followed by a string of thumbs-down emojis for added disdain. Apparently she heard that Jet's was a "terrible place to work."

Lucky for her, Cella's future boss — Robert Waple — was made aware of the tweet and fired her, before she even started. Waple, the franchise owner, said one of Cella's future Twitter-literate coworkers sent him her tweet. So he fired her, via Twitter of course: "@Cellla_ you don't start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!" He added that she was missing out on perks like "eating free pizza." Ouch.

But Cella is finding comfort in other teenage tweeters who apparently worked the "fuck ass" job at Jet's and hated it, saying that it was the "worst job" they had ever held and that the boss was a "fat prick." So there's that. Cella may not have a job, but hey, at least she has a modicum of internet fame, which is all that really matters these days anyways.

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