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Watch One McDonald's Employee's Epic Profanity-Laced Meltdown

A customer caught it all on camera.


One McDonald's employee was so fed up with his job that he had an insane McMeltdown while on shift. It's a well-known fact that working at McDonald's isn't the cushiest of jobs — employees are often overworked and underpaid — but it's still surprising when someone quits in such an explosive manner.

A customer uploaded a video to YouTube of the employee's freakout at a McDonald's in Minnesota. The man can be heard screaming at the top of his lungs about the money he is owed and how many hours he's been asked to work. The profanity-laced rant then transforms into a full-on temper tantrum, featuring the employee pulling Hulk-inspired moves and smashing anything in his way. Eventually he is asked to leave, but he does not go quietly, spraying the restaurant with one last round of profanity and angst.

Daily Dot writes that the chain has yet to issue a statement "as to why the employee was angry enough to engage in a public meltdown and almost-certain employment termination." Maybe he lost his marbles because he was sick of customers fist-bumping him as payment for burgers. Or perhaps it's because McDonald's is only introducing the Loco Moco burger in Japan. Does he really hate the new CEO? Or maybe, just maybe, he's a big fan of kangaroos, and is really upset by the chain's treatment of the animals.

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