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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that's great news for restaurants and stores: Americans are happy to drop some serious cash on the holiday. Collectively, the nation spends billions — yes billions — on Valentine's Day. Surprisingly, a major chunk of that goes towards candy and sparkling wine. The spending doesn't stop there: Over a third of Americans choose will splurge on a dinner out that night, whether it be on heart-shaped hash browns at a Waffle House or fancier eats at a high-end restaurant. Below, Valentine's Day by the numbers:

62: Percentage of American adults that admit to celebrating the holiday.

18.9 Billion: Total amount Americans are expected to spend on the holiday this year.

58 Million: Pounds of chocolate purchased during the week of Valentine's Day.

36 Million: Number of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate purchased for Valentine's Day.

8 Billion: Number of Sweethearts produced annually. The majority of them are sold between January 1 and February 14.

1.7 Billion: Dollars spent on the aforementioned candy.

8.6 Million: Dollars spent on sparkling wine for the occasion.

34.6: Percent of people who splurge on dinner at a restaurant.

3.6 Billion: Amount Americans will spend in total on a "special night out" including restaurants, the movies, etc.

150: Average number of dollars men spend on Valentine's Day.

74: Average number of dollars women spend on the holiday.