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Brave College Student Pledges to Eat Bugs With Every Meal for a Month

How's a Nutella-cricket powder smoothie sound?

Cricket kebabs, anyone?
Cricket kebabs, anyone?

A college student has pledged to eat insects for 30 days with the hope that his fellow Americans will follow suit. The Washington Post reports that Auburn University senior Cam Brantley-Rios, a self-professed "picky eater," is hopping on the bug-eating bandwagon and chronicling his month of meals on a blog, 30 Days of Bugs, "which he eventually hopes to expand into an online news source focused on insect dining."

Brantley-Rios is currently on day 9 of his challenge; dishes so far have included queso fundido loaded up with chili-lime crickets for the Super Bowl, sushi topped with mealworms, and a Nutella-cricket powder smoothie. He tells the Washingon Post his bug-eating campaign stemmed from a fascination with "the growing popularity of making and eating bug-filled foods in the United States." As evidence of Americans' apparent increasing hunger for insects, cricket flour-based protein bar company Exo raised over a million dollars in funding last year, and airline Jet Blue is set to begin serving the bug bars on their cross-country flights sometime this year.

If mealworm omelettes or cricket protein bars seem nauseating, consider this: Besides being loaded with nutrients and more sustainable than other types of animal-based protein, you're apparently already eating them anyway: Federal regulations on food manufacturing require that there only be an average of less than 30 insect fragments per 100 grams of peanut butter, for example.

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