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A Belgian Chocolatier Wants You to Snort Chocolate Like Cocaine

It gives new meaning to the phrase "nose candy."

A Belgian chocolatier is banking on chocolate lovers' desire to get their fix by any means necessary. Dominique Persoone owns a shop called The Chocolate Line in Bruges, Belgium, and right alongside the bacon-quinoa bonbons and chocolate bars he sells a device for snorting chocolate.

According to a video posted by The Guardian, Persoone says he's sold 25,000 of the devices since he invented it back in 2007 for a party for two members of the Rolling Stones (a band perhaps almost as legendary for its gratuitous drug use as for its music). As the video explains, "He never imagined demand would stretch much beyond the rock 'n roll scene." Clearly Persoone underestimated the population's burning desire to inhale new and unusual substances.

Persoone says his strange invention was inspired by a device that his grandfather used to snort tobacco. The so-called "chocolate shooter," which resembles a mini-catapult made of clear plastic, comes loaded with single-origin cocoa powder cut with mint and either ginger or raspberry for that zingy fresh feeling.

Persoone, who has previously worked with chefs like Albert Adrià and Heston Blumenthal, claims he's not promoting drug use, saying, "Life is boring. Let's have fun." For those not keen on shelling out the cash for a chocolate-snorting device, maybe just set out some cocoa powder and Sour Straws at your next house party?

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