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McDonald's Plans to Stuff Japan to the Brim With Hawaiian Loco Moco Burgers

The chain is also serving pineapple pie, banana milkshakes, and a pulled-pork burger.

Loco Moco Burger
Loco Moco Burger
Official Site

McDonald's Japan may not have any French fries, but it sure has an entire menu inspired by Hawaiian favorites. According to Burger Business, the chain will started serving the island fare as part of its World Mac promotion starting February 10.

The menu includes items like a Hawaiian Barbecue Pork Burger, which features a pork patty topped with pulled pork "slow cooked for four hours," plus coleslaw and pickles. There will also be a Loco Moco-inspired burger, modeled after the famed Hawaiian dish of the same same. Loco Moco usually features a burger patty over white rice, topped with a fried egg and brown gravy. The McDonald's burger will feature two burger patties, a cooked egg, lettuce, and a gravy sauce.

On the sweeter side, the chain is serving pineapple pie, banana milkshakes, and, for some odd reason, pancakes — they're served with vanilla soft-serve and topped with berries and macadamia nuts (perhaps that only remotely Hawaiian thing about the dish?). Unfortunately, there are no Spam Musubi burgers in sight. But fortunately, these items might actually be teeth- and vinyl-free.

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