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15 Things Cheaper Than Dinner at Saison

A guide for consumers.

Ryan Sutton reports that California's most expensive restaurant, Saison, is now selling chef's counter tickets that include food, booze, and service for $888.  Here are 15 things cheaper than that dinner:

1) A really good Batman costume w/utility belt

2) A cheap facelift

3) Three unicycles + lessons for three people to learn to ride unicycles

4) An all-inclusive long weekend at Sandals

5) Putting a hex on a royal

6) Four VCRs in 1982

7)  Five hammocks full of banana hammocks

8) Getting a magician to host a kid's birthday party nine consecutive weekends in a row

9) A mint condition keytar

10) Daniel Baldwin starring in your movie

11) An entire day using a waterski jetpack

12) Enough toothbrushes for the rest of your life

13) Taking your office to Medieval Times

14) A gold plated salad spinner

15) A new dalmatian for the firehouse, plus steaks for the boys