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Watch America's Cutest Dogs Dig Up Truffle Gold

Plus, five little known facts about the state of truffle hunting in the U.S.

PBS Food's newest episode tracks the rise of the American truffle. Leading the way? America's cutest dogs. Host Kelly Cox visits a truffle convention in Italy before heading stateside to see how truffle hunts work in Oregon. Here now, five takeaways on the state of truffle hunting in the U.S.:

1. Most truffle hunters in Italy are men, and most of them don't even tell their wives their secret hunting spots.

2. Oregon has been hosting a truffle festival for nine years straight, and has been attempting to grow truffles — with varying degrees of success — for twice that long.

3. Most truffle hunters in the U.S. are women. Most truffle hunters in both Europe and the U.S. use a dog as their guide.

4. Any dog — old, young, any breed — can be trained to hunt truffles. And Jim Sanford of Tennessee's Blackberry Farm is leading the charge to train a new class of dogs.

5. Keeping a truffle hunting dog from eating the truffle they dig up is just as hard in the U.S. as it is in Italy.