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Watch Enterprising Girl Scouts Bully Jimmy Kimmel Into Buying Cookies

Sass sells cookies.

It's officially Girl Scout cookie season which means scouts are selling their famed cookies around town (and hopefully not getting shot in the process). Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel noted the organization believes that selling cookies is a way to teach young girls confidence: "Like I am confident that my parents will bring these cookies to work and will sell them for me."

Prices for the cookie are up this year. And according to research done by the Girl Scouts, no one remembers what they paid last year. Apparently, "all they remember is that they were high and needed cookies." A pair of sassy Scouts also make an appearance and proceed to goad Kimmel into placing a large order of cookies, before sweetly threatening him to "pay up" or they would "punch you right in your stupid face." Go, watch.

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