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Brilliant Marketing Gimmick Puts Nobu and Margaritaville Inside Jurassic Park

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An elaborate fake website for the upcoming film reveals interesting dining choices.


As part of its impressive marketing campaign, the upcoming remake of Jurassic Park features an elaborate "visitor" website for Jurassic World, the theme park where the film takes place. To create what marketers are hoping is an immersive experience, the Jurassic World site mimics the website of real amusement park, with lists of attractions, interactive maps, and hilariously, a page devoted to "Jurassic World Dining." And according to the site, Jurassic visitors have a wide variety of food options, from Jamba Juice to cupcakes by NYC bakery Baked By Melissa, to a dinosaur-friendly outpost of Nobu.

The Jurassic Dining site proudly promises that "legendary sushi meets Jurassic ambience in Nobu's Isla Nublar offering," which can be enjoyed at the restaurant's "amber sushi bar." (Fans will remember amber plays a large role in how dinosaurs were brought back to life in the 1993 original.) An outpost of Margaritaville will serve "Mesozoic margaritas," while at Jamba Juice, the in-park tagline is: "If only the dinosaurs had a Jamba Juice, they might never go extinct." Meanwhile, the site's only fictional restaurant, a steakhouse called Winston's, has placed its entire "menu" online for an added dose of realism: Guests at the fine-dining spot can order bone-in filet mignon (for $56) and a braised oxtail and pappardelle dish (for a fake $38).

Thus far, the site solely functions as a fun marketing gimmick — did the brands featured pay some kind of product placement fee? But who knows: Universal Studios, who's producing the film, might be offering a glimpse at the inevitable Jurassic Park section coming soon to its existing its theme parks. (It should be noted the fake park's dining website is a vast improvement over the real theme park's dining website.) Fingers crossed for real amber sushi bars in the near future.

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