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Girl Scout Shot While Trying to Sell Cookies

The child was hit in the leg.


A 9-year-old Girl Scout was shot while selling her neighbors Thin Mints and Samoas. According to WXIN-TV, Sinai Miller and her two younger sisters stepped out of their Indianapolis apartment building on Tuesday to go sell Girl Scout cookies when Miller became the victim of a drive-by shooter.

Witnesses say that someone fired two or three shots out of a Ford Expedition. One of those hit Miller in her lower left calf, and she was rushed to the hospital. The girl's mom tells the news station that the situation is "just ridiculous. She's nine years old, man." Police are still searching for the car involved.

Miller is back home and recovering, thankfully. While she may not be able to sell the cookies door-to-door (or even want to in the near future) she still has the option of sending her neighbors a link to her personal Girl Scouts website. The organization announced in December that for the first time, Scouts would have the option to sell the famed cookies via a mobile app or customized website. Check out the local news story below:

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