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Oreo Neither Confirms Nor Denies S'mores Flavor

It features graham cracker-flavored cookies and layers of chocolate and marshmallow cremes.

Michael DeSouza/Twitter

Is Oreo the new mash-up champion of the food world? Quite possibly. The company has been on a tear lately, launching a variety of flavors that fuse the classic chocolate-and-creme cookie sandwich with other desserts like cookie dough, candy corn, root beer floats, caramel apples, and most recently, red velvet. Rumor has it that Nabisco's newest Oreo flavor will be s'mores. Yes, that's right, the world may soon have S'moreos.

A spokesperson refused to confirm, but did not deny, the possibility of a s'mores Oreo to Eater: "Limited-edition flavors are constantly a source of speculation... we've seen a number of made-up flavors 'leak' online, but we've also seen actual flavors leak too." A source "in the Oreo supply chain" tells the Verge that flavor — which consists of a graham cracker-flavored cookie with layers of marshmallow and chocolate cremes — is "most definitely a real thing" and currently in the "sampling phase." A series of Instagram photos from someone who goes by cookie0man appears to back this up.

There's no word on when the flavor will be released (or if it will be released at all). But hopefully, the cookies will hit shelves soon because they are like having the best part of camping (s'mores) without all the extra work (setting up a tent, not being able to use a real bathroom). Fingers crossed the S'moreo doesn't follow in the footsteps of the fried chicken-flavored Oreo and turn out to be one big internet prank.

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A photo posted by @cookie0man on

#nabisco #Oreo #Oreos #smoresoreo #smoresoreos

A photo posted by @cookie0man on