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Watch Conan O'Brien Mock the Waiter Who Doesn't Write Anything Down

It can be a life or death situation.

Last night on Conan, host Conan O'Brien sat down with sidekick Andy Richter for a skit meant to poke fun at service staff. When TBS grants the hosts a personal server, Craig, and a menu of dishes and drinks, the two menu quickly begin to order incredibly complex and luxurious dishes. Andy begins: "I'll take a dirty gin martini, use Hayman's reserve if you can... a bottle of... water with lemons and limes... and let's see, I'll start with the saffron-infused lobster risotto..."

When Richter asks the server if he'd like to write the order down, the server demurs, "No, it's all up here," as he points to his head. Watch what happens after Conan orders his salad dressing on the side, and Craig insists that he doesn't need to write a single word down.

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