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Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Punches Delivery Guy in the Face

He's been arrested.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

D'Qwell Jackson — the Indianapolis Colts linebacker otherwise known as the guy who started #deflategate — has been arrested, according to TMZ. While in D.C. last night, the NFL player somehow managed to punch a pizza delivery guy in the face.

The two were not apparently fighting over pizza or delivery, but over a parking space. The AP confirms that Jackson was arrested and charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

According to Yahoo Sports: "The 41-year-old driver told police he told Jackson that he planned to park in the space briefly but that Jackson ordered the driver to get out of the parking space." Jackson used "an expletive and then allegedly" punched the driver several times in the head and face.

A spokesperson for the Colts confirmed the team was aware of the incident, but has not released a statement. There's also no word on whether or not the pizza in question made it to its final destination. Let's just call this #pizzagate.

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