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America's Newest Breastaurant Dresses Servers in Cheap Lingerie

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Customers have had mixed reactions.

Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

Waitresses at a new restaurant in San Antonio are serving up steaming plates of Mexican food — while dressed in lingerie. According to My San Antonio, Milo's Restaurant features an all-female waitstaff with unique uniforms. Essentially a low-rent breastaurant, servers parade around in skimpy outfits that often consist of little more than cheap "lace lingerie, short shorts, mini-skirts, and swimwear." Owner Milo Linan says that while the restaurant does not have an "official dress code," the employees may soon have matching uniforms later in the year.

So far, Linan has received "mixed reaction[s]" from customers: Unsurprisingly, men seem to enjoy the experience, while women tend to be "a little timid." One server notes that the outfits make men "happy" and that "every guy that comes (eventually) comes back." If a customer disrespects a staff member, management asks the customer to leave.

Breastaurants are far from a novel concept. Besides iconic breastaurant chain Hooters, there's a growing number of restaurants that prioritize their servers' outfits over the food. American's fastest growing breastaurant chain — called Twin Peaks — logged nearly $165 million in sales last year. At Twin Peaks, waitresses are dressed in "skimpy lumberjack-like outfit[s]" with plaid tops and furry boots. Twin Peaks' CEO claims the chain's success is due to the "scratch-made menu" but no one believes him. At least Milo's is upfront about what draws in their customers. Below, some photos of Milo's servers:


Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

Milo's Restaurant/Facebook

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