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Watch Mario Batali Scold Seth Meyers on Late Night

Don't shake the pan until Mario Batali tells you to shake the pan.

Things got a little tense last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers when everyone's favorite orange croc-wearing chef Mario Batali stopped by to promote his new digital series Feedback Kitchen. Batali spends a moment explaining his new series ("I invite a musician into a studio that looks like a weird apartment... and I make them a snack, and then hopefully they play me a song.") before he invites Meyers and fellow guest Horatio Sanz onto the on-set kitchen to make a meal inspired by "Fred, you and Horatio!"

Not long after Batali puts scallops into a hot pan, Meyers starts to shake the pan, presumably to distribute the scallops. Batali, who is in the middle of making a cocktail, — and has hawk-like peripheral vision — yells across the kitchen, "Don't shake that pan!" Later, Seth yells at Fred, "Don't drink that cocktail!" Go watch all of the yelling:

In the second part of the segment, Fred Armisen gets drunk, but manages to play a song for Mario Batali anyway.

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