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Noma Japan's Used Forks Are a Steal at $200

The restaurant is also selling $65 chopsticks and $135 bowls.

This could all be yours for thousands of dollars.
This could all be yours for thousands of dollars.
Courtesy of Noma

So maybe you didn't get to jet-set to the Noma pop-up in Tokyo, but here's your chance to eat off the same plates as those who did: Literally the same (used) plates. The restaurant is selling off the custom-made tableware it's currently using to serve multi-course meals at the Mandarin Oriental. All of the bowls, plates, utensils, and jugs — which are crafted by Japanese artisans from materials like clay and wood — are up for grabs.

There are $65 chopsticks, which are perfect for picking up and eating your own local ants. No doubt, a salad foraged from the depths of your backyard will taste even better on a $320 red plate. Or purchase a $135 rimmed bowl to serve your spin on chocolate-covered mushrooms (don't forget to eat it with a $200 black fork). Best of all, the pricey tableware would look stellar on one of those $3,000 shelves from the pop-up, which the Noma team announced were up for sale last month. At this rate, it shouldn't be long before Noma Japan starts bottling its used kitchen grease for you to fry food at home — for a hefty fee, of course.