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Craft Beverage Brand Jones Soda Makes a Play for Fast-Food Soda Fountains

The cultishly beloved soda brand is now available in some fast-casual restaurants.

Jason Brennan/Flickr

Move aside, PepsiCo. and Coca-Cola: Today, the Seattle-based Jones Soda Co. announced the debut of its "Cane Sugar Soda fountain program," making its cultishly beloved sodas available at fast-food soda fountains for the first time. (Previously, ordering a Jones Soda at a restaurant would have lead to a glass bottle being plopped down on the table.) According to a press release, Jones Soda fountains are now pouring at fast-casual chains like Glaze Teriyaki and the reefer-themed Cheba Hut Toasted Subs; sit-down restaurants like the Fuddruckers burger chains are also offering the soda on "tap."

The Jones Soda brand is best known for crowdsourcing its artsy, black-and-white bottle labels, as well as for its unique soda flavors like crushed melon, "blue bubblegum," and "fufu berry." For the participating chains, the adoption of the Jones brand signals yet-another attempt to capitalize on millennial diners' interest in "artisanal" brands. (Even soda giant PepsiCo. is experimenting with a line of craft soda, complete with a tumblr page flaunting hashtags like "#honorincraft" and "#mixology.")

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