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Surprise America! You're Getting a Brodo Book

The hot drink of the season gets its own cookbook.

Nick Solares/Eater NY

Three months after chef Marco Canora launched Brodo — his bone broth take-out window located outside NYC's Hearth restaurant — he's landed a book deal for a cookbook with the same name. BRODO will explore "the history, healthful properties, and versatility of "the world's first comfort food," according to the deal first listed by Publishers Marketplace. The book will include "dozens of recipes for making and using" Canora's signature broths.

Is Brodo the new Cronut?

With a savage winter ripping through the Midwest and Northeast, the bone broth trend — which is as old as restaurants themselves — has taken off. Cafes are serving broth and consommé from coast to coast, especially in cities where the temperatures have dipped below 20 F. Even restaurants in Southern California and South Carolina, where the weather is mild, have picked up on the trend as bone broth is often cited for its health benefits. Is Brodo the new Cronut? When it spawns a lengthy line we'll know.

A release date for BRODO by Marco Canora has not yet been set.


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