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President Obama Drinks Beer With a Raised Pinky

Does it mean he's a beer snob?

NBC News

When you're President of the United States, your every movement is watched by millions of people around the world at all times. And this was the case on Sunday when President Obama took a sip of the White House's home beer brew during an interview on NBC. Though he discussed a wide range of important topics — including #deflategate, the recession, healthcare, and vaccinations — it was his pinky finger that made the news.

That pinky was extended as though he was sipping tea in the parlor at Downton Abbey.

While discussing the White House's home-brewed beer in the White House kitchen, Obama took a sip of the beer, and eagle-eyed viewers noted his pinky's position. That pinky was extended as though he was sipping tea in the parlor at Downton Abbey. Home brewing enthusiasts hoped the segment would encourage more Americans to brew their own beer. Instead, Twitter went bonkers over the extended pinky.

Adam Callaghan, beer expert and Eater Maine editor had this to say:

Does this make Obama look bad, or snobbish? Not at all. It makes the commenters look terrible, though. The responses are largely sexist and homophobic ("Man card revoked"). The timing is too perfect, coming on the heels of Budweiser's lowest-common-denominator Super Bowl ad. Fuss over your beer, smell it, swirl it around, lift a pinkie if you want to. Just don't fuss over how a man holds his beer glass.

Ian Harrison, beer enthusiast, Canadian, and Eater Montreal editor also weighed in:

I'm cool with this. Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans and his cocktail of choice was an Orange Blossom. Give me Obama any day.