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Watch Kusakabe's Omakase in Only 60 Seconds

Coast through the San Francisco restaurant's tasting menu in just one minute.

While Mitsunori Kusakabe's omakase at his eponymous restaurant focuses heavily on sushi, a few other dishes do come into play over the course of the meal. The Michelin-starred spot in the Financial District opened less than a year ago; its tasting menu, designed to reflect seasonality and harmony, comes in at $95 per person.

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Welcoming tea
Konbucha, or kelp tea (not pictured)

Sushi Prelude
Zuke chutoro, lightly seared bluefin medium fatty tuna cured in soy sauce
Two kinds of seasonal sushi of the day

Chef's sashimi nestled in shaved ice with fresh washabi and yuzu onion sauce (not pictured)

"Kamo Dango" duck and asari clam miso soup with mitsuba leaf

Shigoku oyster with French daurenki caviar and four kinds of chef's assorted "le petite plates"

Warm dish
Tofu chawanmushi with fresh steamed Dungenness crab and nameko mushrooms

Sushi chic
Assorted seasonal sushi of the day

Sushi finale
Toro (bluefin fatty tuna) or Grade A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef

Off-menu rolled egg over rice


584 Washington Street, , CA 94111 (415) 757-0155 Visit Website