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Don't put alcohol in your kid's sippy cup.
Don't put alcohol in your kid's sippy cup.

A Massachussetts woman has been booked on child endangerment charges after slipping her toddler booze. According to the Associated Press, a waitress at an unnamed Salem restaurant told police that the mother "allowed her 2-year-old daughter to sip her margarita . . . and poured some of it into the girl's sippy cup," then ignored repeated warnings from the staff to stop doing so.

The incident occurred back in August but the woman wasn't arraigned on charges until this week; according to the original report from The Salem News, the mother "was slurring her words and began vomiting while the police were speaking with her." Instead of instead of arresting her on the spot, officers took her and the daughter to a local hospital where they confirmed the presence of alcohol in the child's system.

Per the AP report, the child has been in state custody since the incident occurred.

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