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Domino's Deploys Big Brother Tactics to Narc on Franchise Owners

The company wants to find out which franchises are still using the chain's old logo.

Hide yo' old logo.
Hide yo' old logo.

Domino's has launched a twisted social media game that essentially asks customers to tattle on franchises. According to Nation's Restaurant News, the Michigan-based chain launched a social media scavenger hunt this week "asking fans to post photos on Instagram" photos of locations that are still using the old Domino's logo and signage.

In 2012, the chain dropped "Pizza" from its name to show that its menu has expanded beyond pizza to include things like pasta and weird breaded chicken dishes. Domino's also switched to a simpler red, white, and blue domino tile for its logo.

The chain is rewarding users who identify the locations on social media — with the hashtag #logoinformants no less — with gift cards and pizzas. There's even a dumb website dedicated to the endeavor with spy motifs and a dramatic video of an old Domino's sign crashing down and unceremoniously hitting the pavement . Big Brother has never been more proud — though perhaps someone should report Domino's own Twitter account, which still calls itself "Domino's Pizza."

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