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Look Inside the Quippy New Book from FUDS, the Fake Brooklyn Restaurant

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There's a foreword from Mario Batali.

Courtesy of Bloomsbury

Here's a look at the upcoming book from the team behind the witty fake Brooklyn restaurant FUDS. Titled FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia from Tickling Shrimp to Not Dying in a Restaurant, it will hit shelves March 3. The book is a long time in the making: FUDS first became famous in 2012 when the team handed out fake, parody menus at the GoogaMooga Festival in New York City. (The menu included dishes like round-eye flank stringers with Yankee-poisoned marinara and something called a "Bill Clinton Sandwich.")

The FUDS team scored a book deal in 2013, and yesterday it was revealed that it will include "helpful tips" (spoiler: they're not very helpful) and a hilarious foreword from chef Mario Batali ("I'M NOT WRITING this for the exposure, either. I'm Mario Fucking Batali. Shorts. Crocs. Little red ponytail. You know who the fuck I am. I don't need this stinky little book.") The book — which features a gold motif and classic cover — also contains a section on "how to eat." Check out a preview of the book below:


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