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Michelle Obama Takes Credit for America's Healthier Food Culture

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She's also very impressed by the Georgetown women's basketball team and their kale-centric antics.

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FLOTUS/healthy eating advocate/turnip lover Michelle Obama boldly proclaimed Thursday at an annual health summit that America has undergone a serious food "culture change" in the last five years since "she started raising awareness about childhood obesity." According to the Star Tribune, Obama believes that a lot of food programs that are happening today "would have been considered cutting edge" half a decade ago, but today it's "our new norm."

Obama commended a new law that requires "more fresh produce and whole grains be served in school." She added that schools across the country are planting vegetable gardens and "replacing pizza lunches" with healthier items. One of the biggest measures of change over the past few years, Obama noted, is that fast food restaurants and convenience stores are "racing like never before" to sell more "nutritious food." Plus, large companies are rewarding employees for engaging in healthier eating habits, she added. Obama was perhaps most impressed with the fact that the Georgetown women's basketball team gave away kale to the first 100 people who attended a game recently: "Now that definitely wasn't happening five years ago."

While the First Lady is a champion of healthy eating, she does have a predilection for dining at hip restaurants. Obama has been spotted enjoying New Year's dinner at the Vintage Cave in Honolulu, grabbing high-end seafood at D.C.'s Fiola Mare, and feasting at Estela in New York City.

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