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Blue Bottle Coffee Acquires Company Dedicated to Pre-Ground Beans

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Perfect Coffee's technology offers pre-ground coffee that meets coffee-nerd standards.

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Blue Bottle Coffee/Facebook

Never a dull moment at Oakland's cultishly beloved roaster Blue Bottle CoffeeSprudge reports Blue Bottle has thrown some investment dollars around to acquire the Bay Area startup Perfect Coffee, which is a self-described "subscription service dedicated to getting guests the most delicious ground coffee available." According to a blog announcement by the Blue Bottle team, Perfect Coffee specializes in pre-ground packages, using an airtight packet technology that prevents ground coffee from going stale. Previously, Perfect was a subscription-based service that delivered these sealed, pre-ground speciality roasts from a variety of roasters. A press release notes that March's shipment of Perfect Coffee will be sent as scheduled, but "following that, each customer will be contacted to discuss subscription options."

Since landing an additional $25 million in funding back in January 2014, Blue Bottle has been on an expansion and acquisition tear. In April 2014, it acquired Los Angeles roaster Handsome Coffee, as well as the subscription-based coffee service Tonx, then launched its first-ever subscription delivery service just four months later. And earlier this month, Blue Bottle CEO James Freeman swung the doors open to his hotly anticipated Tokyo cafe, with a second Tokyo shop scheduled to open in early March.

In today's acquisition announcement, Blue Bottle hints that it will soon incorporate Perfect Coffee's grind-and-package technology to its businesses: "We will continue to find ways to deliver the most delicious coffee to anyone who asks for it," Freeman writes, "and to remove any barriers that may stand in the way of that experience." Stay tuned.

Blue Bottle Coffee

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