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Taco Bell Prepares to Invade Japan

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How will the Japanese feel about Quesaritos and Meximelts?

Brace, Japan.
Brace, Japan.
Mike Mozart/Flickr

Taco Bell has its eyes on Japan. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Doritos Locos taco inventor has signed a franchise agreement with a Japanese restaurant operator called Asrapport Dining Co. with plans to open an unknown number of Taco Bell outlets.

Taco Bell has around 6,500 locations worldwide, including outposts in Singapore and South Korea, but this will be its first foray into Japan. As the WSJ points out, other American chains "such as McDonald’s , Krispy Kreme and Subway, are already all well-established in Japan." Shake Shack announced earlier this month that it would open its first location in Tokyo come 2016. Yum Brands' other two crown jewels, Pizza Hut and KFC, already enjoy a loyal following in Japan, so Taco Bell will complete the company's fast food trifecta.

Pizza Hut Japan has previously served a marshmallow-caramel dessert pizza on a cheddar cheese crust, while KFC Japan once introduced deep-fried bacon cheese mashed potato fritters. What could Taco Bell serve in Japan? Here are some suggestions:

  • Mexican sashimi pizza
  • Taco meat-stuffed gyoza with Fire Sauce for dipping
  • Double decker onigiri with queso
  • Chipotle octopus Quesarito
  • Natto Supreme Crunchwrap 

Mike Mozart/Flickr

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