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All Anthony Bourdain Wants Is To Be Remembered as 'Not a Half-Bad Cook'

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He also hopes people realize that he's "not such a bad bastard after all."

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Parts Unknown host/writer/cat person Anthony Bourdain wants to be remembered as a decent guy and a "not half-bad cook." According to People, Bourdain opened up about his hopes for the future in the March issue of Wine Spectator. The TV host has a history rife with drug use and a reputation as a "bad bastard" that he is hoping to shed: "All my decisions were based on who could give me access to girls and drugs," he reveals about his early days working in restaurants.

Now, he's married with a seven-year-old daughter, who he likes to spend as much time with as possible: "When I am back in New York... I'm home, I cook breakfast for my daughter, I walk her to school and pick her up when I can." Bourdain — who is in the midst of opening a food hall and allegedly writing a cookbook — has his fingers crossed that one day people will remember that he "grew up a little." He adds that his ideal legacy will be of his role as a father, as "not a half-bad cook," and generally, "not such a bad bastard after all." Regardless, he will always be remembered as a great evangelist of In-N-Out.

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