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America Exported a Whopping $1.5 Billion of Wine Last Year

90 percent of it came from California.


American wines are proving to be incredibly popular around the world. According to the Los Angeles Times, a new report from the Wine Institute shows that the U.S. exported just under $1.5 billion worth of wine in 2014, which is the second-highest amount on record. The majority of the bottles — nearly 90 percent — were unsurprisingly from California, which is home to the famed vineyards of Napa Valley. Overall, Americans exported 116.9 million gallons of wine to other countries.

The European Union proved to be the biggest buyer of American wines, and purchased $517 million worth last year. Canada came in second, picking up $487 million in wine, while Japan spent $88 million. Exporters also "saw strong growth in Asian markets" like South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. However, sales in China slipped more than seven percent due in part to a "corruption crackdown and austerity campaign launched by Chinese President Xi Jingping."

America is becoming quite the power player in the wine world. Not only does the country export an incredible amount of wine, residents are also big fans of drinking it. Last year, America officially dethroned France as the "number-one largest market for wine in the world." U.S. consumers purchased 29.1 million hectoliters of wine, while the French only purchased 28.1 million hectoliters. If Red Robin and its strange line of wine milkshakes has its way, that number is only set to increase.

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