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The Adrià Brothers and Cirque du Soleil Team Up for Crazypants Restaurant

It has three separate concepts and will open in May.


Famed chefs and brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià are officially launching a new restaurant concept on the Spanish island of Ibiza.  According to Il Mattino (translated), it's called Heart Ibiza and it will open May 28. Last year, Albert revealed to Eater that it would be "an international and multidisciplinary project," adding that the brothers were in talks to team up with Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.

[It will be] living art, linked to the performances, but nothing pretentious.

Located inside the Ibiza Grand Hotel, Heart Ibiza plans to "bring together food, music, and art in three separate experiences" in a 2,500 meter space. The Examiner writes that the first experience is the Baraka which is described as a "hippie-chic street food extravaganza." There, diners will get to feast on international street food and listen to ambient live music on the terrace of the hotel. The second experience is called the Workshop, which will be a sit-down restaurant "featuring the Adrià brand of gastronomy," which means many plates of molecular gastronomy. The dishes will be accompanied by music, as well as performance and visual art. The third part of the concept is a night club called La Boîte. It will feature live music, "decadent food and libations," and aerial acts and performances from Cirque du Soleil members.

Ferran tells Il Mattino that Heart Ibiza will be "living art, linked to the performances, but nothing pretentious." He adds, "It took us 14 years to think about how to do it, because it will be an event rather than historical: open a process of reflection on the cabaret, the gastronomy, the art gallery, the show and the revelry granting the island of Ibiza." As for the menu prices, Albert promises that it will be affordable and unpretentious as well: "[The] project will be priced to allow even those without deep pockets to come to the party."

The brothers Adrià — who were the team behind the famed and now shuttered Spanish restaurant elBulli — have been quite busy as of late. When not pondering deep thoughts on Twitter, Ferran has been running the elBulli foundation, which he calls a "think tank for creativity," and attempting to build an elBulli museum. Albert — who owns multiple restaurants in Barcelona — recently launched a fancy sauce line and starred in a documentary about his life.