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Culinary Institute of America Launches Business School for Food Entrepreneurs

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Faculty members include celebrity chefs, business professors from Stanford, and artists.


The Culinary Institute of America is opening a business school just for food entrepreneurs. According to a press release, it's called The Food Business School, which is apparently the first business school "dedicated to food entrepreneurship and innovation." Held at the CIA's campus in Napa Valley (courses are also available online), classes include three- to four-day immersive programs on topics like scaling a food business, hosting a pop-up, and prototyping.

There's also a multi-month option called the Venture Innovation Program that "alternates on-campus and online" classes to help students "rapidly transform" their ideas into a business. As for faculty members, the Food Business School's classes will be taught by CIA alumni and chefs like Michael Chiarello, business professors from Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis, as well as designers, artists, and "renewed food industry entrepreneurs." Registration for the school's inaugural spring session — which runs from March through June — opens today.

The courses at the Food Business School appear to be more affordable than courses at the CIA. Class listings on the school's website note that a five week online course will cost students around $300. Culinary school on the other hand can cause students to accrue thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt, which makes many question if the training is even worth it. In 2013, CIA students staged a walkout where they protested against "lowered standards for admittance and graduation" as well as the school's incredibly high costs.